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SPEECH - How do I setup and use the Voice feature?
Last Updated 5 years ago

First, you need to update to the Voice Enabled Firmware and load the Speech Files.

Here is a brief explanation of all the Classic menus and its adjustments for Voice.

To start press the MAIN MENU button repeatedly until “Charge” is highlighted. This is the start of the Menu tree.

How to Adjust the volume:
From MAIN MENU press the right arrow 3 times to highlight MISC. Press ENTER. Press right arrow once to highlight MNGP press ENTER. highlight VOLUME press ENTER. Adjust Volume as needed with up and down arrows.

AUDIO MODE location:
From MAIN MENU press the right arrow 3 times to highlight MISC. Press ENTER. Press right arrow twice to highlight AUDIO.

Choosing your level of Chattiness:

  1. Off - no voice 
  2. Rick Mode - Arc Fault and Ground fault only
  3. Errors- Any "errors" no PV voltage, Over voltage etc. Plus, everything above
  4. Warnings - Errors and warnings. (Partial shading, current limit, etc.) Plus, everything above. 
  5. Verbose - Menu help message the first time through menus. " here is where you set ..." Info (like status) and charge stage, plus everything above. 
  6. Chatty Cathy - Menu help message every time through the menus, info (like status) and charge stage, everything above, plus random hidden messages. 
If you would like to hear reports at specific intervals (requires VERBOSE or CHATTY CATHY) press ADVANCED. The STATUS is in minutes. ERRORS is the time interval that the Classic Voice will report general errors.
If you want the Voices to be quiet during a specific time frame press ADVANCED from the above menu, then press NEXT. This is our QUIET TIME function or QT. You can silence the Voices from any time to any time within a 24-hour period.

QT OFF = Talks 24 hours a day
QT ON = Has a WAKEUP time and a SLEEP time. When activated the Voices will be silenced between the times listed.

For other questions or comments please contact Technical Support.

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