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CLASSIC - F-ME - How do I test FOLLOW-ME?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Unplug all follow-me cables. Go to Classic #1, observe the blue LED inside at the top, slow 1 second blink? Good, now loop one of the cables from the middle jack to the bottom jack of that Classic. Observe the blue LED going from 1 second to 1/10th of a second blink. If so, cable is good, Classic is good. test all cables. Then test all Classics with a known good cable. (You did SET FOLLOWME = ON Right?)

All good then follow the diagram in the manual and reconnect all cables. Slow blink, cable is bad or Classic is defective.

You only need one BTS, put that one on a single Classic and in TWEAKS set BTS-NET = MASTER
On all other Classics set BTS-NET = FOLLOW
You should now be able to read the EXACT same Battery Temperature reported on the BTS-MASTER on ALL the BTS-FOLLOW Classics.

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