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CLASSIC - ALARM - My Classic(tm) is alarming "ARC FAULT", how can I fix this?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Two choices.

#1 - You have an actual ARC Fault.
#2 - False trigger from some appliance on the AC side arcing.
These AC devices are known to cause false triggers:
Devices with motors, Power saws, angle grinders, vacuum cleaners, well pumps & pressure switches, arc welders, leaf blowers, to name just a few.

Setting the sensitivity to the lowest value TIME=7 and SENSTVY=15 may help.
Press ENTER to save, then power down the Classic completely for 20 seconds.

If the ARC FAULT continues to alarm and you have verified you don't have an actual fault in the system somewhere then all you can do is DISABLE ARC FAULT and do without it.

An actual Arc Fault in the system may require a complete tear-down of the array and visual inspection of every wire from each module to the combiner box. Looking for rips or scrapes in the wire insulation, pinched wires in the mounting hardware and loose solar connectors or burned internal solar connectors.

In a system with a real fault, power loss will be evident as well as possible burning wires & smells of burning wires and the sounds of electricity arcing during times the array has full sun and smoke.

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