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WIND MODE - How do I use a Classic on DIY Wind Install ?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Unfortunately we have no simple DIY guide to install the Classic on a wind system. Almost all wind systems using the Classic are installed by Wind System Professionals that know how all the parts hook up.

Considerations include providing external over-speed / over-voltage protection for the Classic, we use our Clipper(tm) turbine control box for this control. This unit is a bit costly for most DIY and they chose not to use it, and sometimes this results in damage from over-voltage to the Classic which is not covered under warranty and results in $200 or more in repair fees.

Programming and building a "Wind Curve" which is required, can be confusing and time consuming for DIY wind systems. While there are some wind curves that come pre-programmed in the Classic ready to use, if your turbine is not listed you will need to build your own program, which can not easily be done over the phone and requires power voltage numbers from the turbine manufacturer.

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