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CLASSIC - AUX1 GENERATOR - Using AUX-1 to start a Generator
Last Updated 4 years ago

The Classic can use AUX-1 ONLY for generator control. AUX-1 can be set for a 12 volt control voltage out of its terminal or with the configuration jumpers set properly, a closed dry contact good for up to 1 amp. The 12 volt signal can be used to operate an external relay with a coil that draws up to but not more than 200Ma. Relays my have the coil rating on them but if not, the relay will not close or stay closed when activated if they draw too much current.

You have 2 choices for AUX-1 control, SOC% or LBD (Low Battery Disconnect)

LBD will put 12 volts from AUX-1 (or close the dry contacts) at a low user voltage setting and open at a high user voltage setting. Set V LOW to the voltage for RELAY ON and V HIGH to the voltage for RELAY OFF.
There are user settable delays, DELAY is the activation or ON delay and HOLD is the release or OFF delay.

SOC% requires our Whizbang JR shunt option to be installed and working properly.
Once it is verified AND the SOC% has been calibrated by the Classic (This is done when the Classic goes to FLOAT at least once after a power up of the controller) you can then use State of Charge to control the generator. The same time delays are available as well, DELAY is for activation or ON and HOLD is for deactivation or OFF.

Since this is a contact closure (or 12 volt signal) it can only be used with 2-Wire Start generator system. 3-Wire gensets are not supported.

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