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CLASSIC - SOC% is not displaying on the MNGP
Last Updated 6 years ago

This option requires a properly setup Whizbang JR and Deltec 500A/50Mv Shunt.

The Classic will not know SOC% until Calibrated.  The Classic MUST complete a full, properly setup 3-Stage Charge to calibrate. Once the Classic goes to FLOAT it now knows where 100% is and will use math to calculate SOC% by monitoring current flow into & out of the shunt. Math error will creep into the reading if not calibrated every so often. 2-3 days is suggested to maintain accuracy.

On the main Whizbang Jr status/setup screen there will be located bottom center the last known SOC%.  If it FLASHING then SOC% is not calibrated. On power-up this usually reads FLASHING 100% SOC which means NOT 100% or SOC% UNKNOWN. We don't know why the programmer decided to FLASH instead of printing SOC% UNK, It might have to do with memory space.

State Of Charge accuracy also depends a a few factors:
1) Age of the Battery, EFFICIENCY setting can be used to fine tune the SOC% reading
2) Temperature of the Battery, this can be also fine tuned using the TEMP COMP % setting. (requires a BTS installed)
3) Correct Ah Capacity setting.

It is not advisable to have more than one SOC Meter in a system, they almost never will read exactly the same.  Decide on one and fine tune it to work with your system.  SOC meters that use VOLTAGE  are not very accurate, the only way to really know is to measure the current through a SHUNT.  Voltage based SOC meters mostly only work with lead based batteries.

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