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CLASSIC - ALARM - Classic is RESTING and alarming "GROUND FAULT"
Last Updated 6 years ago

Well, maybe you have a fault, that would be a positive shorting to ground somewhere. Ground means a properly grounded PV array mount aka racking or metal case of some equipment.  A properly grounded system will have ALL metal parts of everything metal connected together with a copper ground wire and be connected somewhere to a ground rod outside.  You can visually inspect all the PV module wires/wiring and racking, the combiner box wiring, and it may even be caused by something on the battery side of the system. A pinched PV module or array wire is a common issue that causes a fault.  It could be a leaking SPD device or a malfunctioning Classic.  Usually if the Classic is at fault, you can’t clear it out.

Your other choice is to disable GF protection by removing the GF jumper inside the Classic on the lower right corner near the blue terminal block. Then turn off GF in the TWEAKS menu. If the Classic stops tripping off on ground fault then you have one somewhere. You can shut the system down and find it or leave GF protection off and watch for smoke. PV side would be during the day, battery side would be anytime.

You can use a meter after you remove the GF jumper to measure between your ground bar and battery POS & NEG to see if it is not close to zero volts, any reading over battery voltage would be PV side, battery voltage or less would be battery side.

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