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Can I use 60 cell Solar Panels with the BRAT (tm) ?
Last Updated 7 years ago

The BRAT is a PWM Charge Controller and as such was designed to use nominal 12 volt and 24 volt solar modules.
12v PV has 36 cells, a Voc of 22v and Mpp of 17v, the 24v PV has twice these voltages with 72 cells.
While 60 cell modules are way less expensive there is a trade-off using them. Yes, the BRAT has a max input of 60v but this does not mean it is going to operate efficiently at this voltage.

A 60 cell module rated 250 watts used with PWM on a 12v battery is almost never going to produce 250 watts because the PWM will keep the module way out of its power point most of the time. Be warned, they are cheaper and most are willing to accept the lower output for the cost savings, some customers will question this. It’s a fact.

A 60 cell module will only work moderately well charging a 24v battery, we don’t recommend it, there will be times during hotter days it will not provide a charge into the battery as the voltage is too low.

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