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What is Classic OCP and what causes it?
Last Updated 7 years ago

OCP stands for Over Current Protect.
This mode kicks in to protect the Classic from damage.

Things that cause OCP are:
Bad Inductor inside the Classic (repair needed)
Bad or Weak battery or bad connection of wire or wires. (corrosion / resistance / loose)
Classic sharing the inverter battery cables (Classic connected to battery bus bars near the Inverter)
Cables and/or wires for the Inverter or Classic too small. (not correct AWG)
This can cause surges in the Inverter to attempt to pull more current from the Classic that it can provide.
If OCP does not activate fast enough the Transistors in the Classic are damaged (shorted out, smoked, burned)
The quickest & easiest thing to blame is the Classic, but sending it in and finding nothing wrong is a waste of time & money. That being said, all the other issues need to be checked and verified before assuming the Classic is broken.

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