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How do I use REBULK and ENDAMPS
Last Updated 7 years ago

REBULK allows the Charger to enter many more BULK modes (full 3-stage charge) per day.
***WARNING*** This was designed for LEAD-ACID Batteries and may not work with other chemistry batteries.

The issue is this starts the ABSORB timer again and in some setups may over-charge the battery and damage it. Thus the companion option ENDAMPS which will test when the battery is back to 100% SOC and terminate the new ABSORB cycle before it can cause damage. In order for this to work the Controller will need to have a Current Shunt (DELTEC 500A/50Mv) installed in the system along with the Whizbang JR option on that shunt.

You will need to tell ENDAMPS to use the SHUNT & WBjr and not the internal one.
On the Classic in the ENDAMPS setup page press the LEFT SOFT Key to Toggle to SHUNT. Then ENTER to SAVE.
On the KID go to the TECH Page and in the CALIBRATION screen press RIGHT ARROW to the WBjr SHUNT select, switch to WBJR. The press SAVE.

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