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The AUX TERMINALS on the KID put out 12V to control an external relay. The contacts of this relay, usually the COM & NO terminals are used to start a "2-wire start" generator. This is your basic contact close to start & open to stop scenario. The KID AGS does not directly support 3-wire starting generators. These are contact close to start and contact close to stop using a COMMON WIRE that connects to the START and STOP buttons. You can buy 3-wire to 2-wire converters but they tend to be costly.

When the KID starts the generator it disconnects the PV input. The generator then starts to charge the battery. The KID then watches the battery voltage rise to the CONFIRM SETTING then reports GEN ON and starts it's AGS TIMERS. At this time the KID reconnects the PV array to assist in charging if there is power available from the solar array.

NOTE: The AUX terminals CAN NOT be directly connected to a generator set start wires without using a relay. This will damage the 12 volt circuits that supply power to operate the external relay and will void the warranty.  This will require the KID be sent back to Midnite Solar for repair.

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