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Parameter Settings

Some parameters will adjust others to maintain minimum separation. Use caution.


  1. Set Parm[07] to MAX Battery charging amps. Combined AC + PV.
  2. Set Parm[28] to MAX Amps from AC IN. Usually set to prevent genset stall or grid breaker tripping.
  3. Set Parm[36] to MAX Amps from PV MPPT Charger. Usually set to MAX. Not available on DIY5048.


  1. Set Parm[08] Battery type to USER
  2. Set Parm[17] to Absorb Voltage.
  3. Set Parm[18] to Absorb Time (Lead setting, use Lithium setting from manufacturer or 5 min)
  4. Set Parm[11] to Float Voltage (Effects Parm[37])
  5. Set Parm[37] to Voltage to restart charging, REBULK. (stays 1.2V lower than Parm[11] Float)
  6. Set Parm[16] to DISABLE for Lithium Battery (Equalize Function)

Low Battery Settings:

  1. Parm[14] Low battery Alarm-just beeps. (Must be .4V higher than Parm[04]-Switch to AC IN)
  2. Parm[12] Low Battery Warning with time delay. Always higher than Parm[15]
  3. Parm[13] Low Battery Timer. Used for momentary Surges that pull battery voltage down.
  4. Parm[15] Low battery immediate Inverter shutdown. If this value is reach during the above timer period Inverter is shutdown.
  5. Parm[35] Battery under-voltage shutdown restart voltage.

Inverter Output:

  1. Parm[02] Sets AC Frequency of 50 or 60 hertz. Leave at 60 unless you want trouble.
  2. Parm[38] Sets AC OUT Voltage from 100VAC to 120VAC. Don't Monkey with this.

AC Output Switching:

  1. Set Parm[04] to battery voltage to switch to AC IN from GENSET. Inverter will maintain AC out until AC in is confirmed good or LOW BATTERY Setting Parm[15] is reached.
  2. Set parm[05] to battery voltage to switch to back Inverter.

Generator Control (auto start):

  1. Parm[03} Set to APL for Generator operation (wider frequency and voltage windows)
  2. Parm[04] and Parm[05] operate the AUX Relay for auto gen start.
  3. Parm[05] Must be set less than Parm[09] (Absorb) or generator may never auto stop.

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