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Why does the Classic have two Clocks?
Last Updated 2 years ago


The Classic has two Real Time Clocks (RTC), one on the MAIN PCB and one in the MNGP. The MNGP has coin battery (3v lithium) backup. The MAIN PCB uses the Classic BATTERY IN on the blue terminal block as power backup. Thus, turn off the battery breaker and the main PCB looses its time/date settings.

Both the MNGP and the LA can tell the Classic MAIN PCB what the time and date is. BUT the LA doesn't write the time/date to the Classic MAIN PCB once every minute. The MNGP does if TMSYNC is turned ON so it would over-write the LA's time/date if they are both telling the Classic MAIN PCB what time it is. This is why we need to turn TMSYNC = OFF to set the Classic MAIN PCB time/date from the LOCAL APP.

BUT if the MNGPs date is wrong, say, less than year 2014, then it knows it is not correct and will not write that to the Classic even if TMSYNC is ON.

BTW, you can READ the Classic's time & date off the MAIN PCB from the MNGP.

When in the Time/Date MISC menu, hold down the LEFT arrow key and tap the Soft-Right key (upper RT rectangle key). The display will show the time stored on the main PCB. At the TOP MNGP will change to CLASSIC, this is the time on the Classic. Press MAIN MENU to return to MNGP.

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