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Using the AUX contacts to run a GENSET
Last Updated 2 years ago

MNDIY3024/3548/5048 Setup to run off INVERTER as Priority:

PARM[01] = SBU (Run off inverter and switch inverter AC out (LOADS) to AC in when battery is low per settings)

PARM[01] = SOL (Adds one more requirement along with low battery switch to AC IN, only switch LOADS to AC IN if PV drops out OR low battery PARM[04] is reached. This allows MAX Solar power use and keeps the battery at a higher level of charge if desired as PARM[04] can be set up higher to maintain a higher battery SOC instead of draining it to say 10% SOC as SBU can)

PARM[04] = VOLTS will switch from inverter feeding LOADS to AC IN feeding LOADS IF/WHEN/OR AC in has 120VAC, otherwize PARM[12] volt setting starts PARM[13] TIMER, then if AC LOADS if still on INVERTER, AC OUT is shut off. If PARM[15] absolute LOW BATTERY SETTING is reached BEFORE TIMER times out AC from Inverter will be shut off immediately!

AUX RELAY will ACTIVATE on reaching PARM[04] setting.

AUX RELAY will OPEN on reaching PARM[05] setting.

PARM[05] HAS to be LESS than PARM[09] (ABSORB V) or it will never shut off until ABSORB timer is done and FLOAT is reached.
PARM[05] is the voltage to switch back to inverter running & shut off generator.

PARM[05] may need to be set equal to FLOAT PARM[11]

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