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My DIY All-in-One Inverter is not charging my Battery
Last Updated 3 years ago

Parameter #[01] is NOT set to [01] UTI (default)

Setting [01] to SOL or SBU will NOT charge from the AC MAINS Input until the battery is discharged to Parameter #[04} setting "Battery to LINE voltage"

Setting parameter #[06] to OSO will DISABLE AC in charging.

Why:  Setting [01] to SOL/SBU is a mode that will run the LOADS off Battery and/or Solar power until the battery reaches the voltage setting in parameter #[04].  Then the battery will be recharged to the voltage setting in parameter #[05].  Since the DIY series inverters do not SELL to GRID this is a way to maximize Solar Power to run LOADS.  UTI Mode is preferred when the user wants maximum backup power available for a grid power failure. (UPS mode)

Setting [06] to OSO will only use PV for charging.

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