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Install the new 1863+ Firmware on each KID. Initiate a RESET by going into the TECH MENU on each KID and selecting FACTORY RESET.
You will need 2 hands and 2 fingers on each to do this. Be sure a SYNC cable is plugged MASTER JACK to MASTER JACK between the KIDs. Newer Firmware may have this function available from the COMM MENU.

Press and HOLD the LEFT & RIGHT arrows on BOTH KIDs at the same time. Hold until count reaches zero and they reset.

Now go to the MAIN and set it up. When it says "SAVING DATA" then go to the SECONDARY and check the values got sent over are the same, use RIGHT ARROW to step through, keep going until it says "SAVING DATA".

The MAIN will have a "M" top center and the SECONDARY will have a "S". If SYNC is lost for any reason the RED ERROR LED will Light. If you don't get the "S" on the SECONDARY then you have a Sync Cable Issue possibly. Fix & repeat Sync.

To Re-Sync go to the MAIN under the COMM menu and select SYNC and press ENTER.
This should re-sysnc the KIDs. The SECONDARY should show an "S" now. You do not need to go into the COMM menu in the slave. Go into the Slave Absorb menu and check it is the same as the Master then press SAVE.

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