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CLASSIC - F-ME - How to setup Classics in true MASTER/SLAVE Mode
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The Follow-Me concept does not embrace Master/Slave topology.  With a few "tweaks" you can have a simple master/slave setup which I find personally works better.  Below I will tell you how it's done and explain how it works. (this may have limited benefits for 2 Classics)

First, we need to pick a Classic to be our MASTER Controller.  It will be called the "BTS MASTER"  Why is this?  Because one of the neat advantages of having F-Me setup is we can use a single BTS (Battery Temperature Sensor) and not need 2 or 3 or 4 or xx sensors and all that extra wire tied up somewhere.  The BTS-NET option in the Classic allows a single BTS to provide data to all Classics.  The BTS-NET is also a easy way to check that the cables are good and the F-Me network is functional.

1 - Pick a BTS MASTER Classic, install the BTS and set it to MASTER in the TWEAKS MENU under BTS-NET (page down to get to the sub-menu)
All other Classics get this set to FOLLOW.  This should be self explanatory to most seasoned Solar Installers & Electricians.

2 - If the Whizbang Jr SHUNT Option is going to be installed, install it in this Classic. This Classic will be the "MASTER of all things". This will be required for ENDAMPS control.

3 - All charging voltages get set the same.  The only thing we set differently is CHARGE TIMES.

4 - Set your needed ABSORB TIME in the MASTER, the rest (SLAVES) get set with that plus 10 minutes.  See, what this does it lets the MASTER decide when to send everyone to FLOAT.  If for some reason F-Me breaks, all that happens is the SLAVES stay in Absorb for an extra 10 minutes.

A GF or Ground Fault seems to only shut down the offending Classic so we should not need to worry about down-stream Classics sending data back around. AF or Arc Fault seems to exhibit the same behavior, at least on my 5 Classic system.

There is a misconception that ABSORB is a F-me function, it is not.  ALL Classics MUST reach their ABSORB voltage independently.  ANY Classic that fails to maintain the programmed Absorb Voltage for 90 seconds with be forced BACK into BULK and this mode will be propagated from this Classic to the last in line. Hopefully this provides enough power to get back into ABSORB. 

If using ENDAMPS and REBULK set it up ONLY in the MASTER, let it decide since it has the WhizbangJR (Needed for proper ENDAMPS Operation)  Don't use ENDAMPS unless you have a WBjr installed & setup to use the SHUNT.

I have removed the Follow-Me cable from the LAST Classic to the FIRST on my system.  Everything goes ONE-WAY from the MASTER on the LEFT to the others on the RIGHT or Down-Stream.  This seems to be working, this stops the "SLAVES" from sending modes back to the MASTER flipping it.  I like it better but it is not a Midnite official mode of operation but is supported now.  I like the MASTER to be in total control.  Use at your own risk...

Hope this helps, Jim Parish, MNS Tech Support

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